Being aware of others is important to conflict resolution

Be aware if others
Be aware if others

Being Aware of Others is an Important Step to Resolve Conflicts

Being aware of others is an important step to conflict resolution.  Being aware of others helps you adjust the situation for a good outcome.  It is important to be aware of their physical comfort and any other factors that might be affecting their emotions. 

Consider taking a break if necessary

Consider taking a break if necessary. Now may not be the time to resolve the conflict. It does not have to be resolved instantaneously.  A break of a couple of hours, days or in some cases weeks will create a better outcome.

Consider the location

Consider the location.  It is often better to change to a more neutral location, or a least a location where both parties are equally uncomfortable.  Meet away from the rest of the group if possible.  I have found that the bigger the entourage the less likely a resolution can be found.  Each party must save some face, and if the entourage is egging them on, they will not be able to save any face.   We all remember our grade school yards when some one yelled ‘fight’ and the crowd quickly gathers around the combatants.  Without the crowd, they might have agreed to disagree or at least one could have run away. But with the crowd, neither can stop the conflict from proceeding.

Be aware of their physical comfort

Be aware of their physical comfort.  They may be tired.  They may be hungry.  They may be in physical pain.  If any of these or similar condition occur, it will be difficult to resolved the conflict.  

**For the last decade I’ve been involved with leadership development of tomorrow’s leaders.  Using my expertise, I am training the youth leaders in conflict resolution.  This blog is adapted from my training materials. 


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