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  • Client
    Mr. Strongman was able to suggest workable resolutions and amounts to facilitate settlement. We were able to come to a conclusion to a difficult and complicated set of circumstances.
  • Counsel for client
    I recall [Mr. Strongman’s] reasonable, friendly style while handling [my] client’s dispute over a business purchase. Both parties were emotional over the company in question: one party had owned the business for a long time and was attached to it. The other thought information had been concealed from him. A language barrier between a Vietnamese speaker and the other client only made communication more strenuous. [Mr. Strongman] was able to defuse the emotions. … That is the point of mediation. He was able to work with the parties to get each side to see there was room to compromise.”
  • Counsel for client
    [I have] used Mr. Strongman’s mediation services for many of my unlawful detainer cases over the past five years. Tenants really fight [my] clients to stay in their dwellings and the disputes are often hard to settle. These are very passionate, contentious cases…. The craziest things can come up but Mr. Strongman always maintains a sense of humor and at the same time is respectful to both sides.
  • Mediation Student
    Not only did [Mr. Strongman’s] training offer a thorough refresher of mediation techniques and procedures, it offered materials, approaches and practical training that I had not received before and that I will apply and will find extremely valuable as I conduct future mediations. …I believe I got more useful information and practical tips with Mr. Strongman’s training than in any prior classes.
  • Client
    Mr. Strongman conducted a well-grounded and attentive mediation. He knew what he was doing and was fair to all parties as he facilitated our agreement.
  • Client
    Mr. Strongman was friendly, respectful, and gave me an opportunity to articulate my position as he facilitated an agreement between me and my (former) opponent.
  • Client
    Mr. Strongman has a very personable approach. I trusted him right away. He made a fair and honest assessment of the case, and helped us get to resolution. Also, he educated me regarding the value of the case.
  • Client
    The mediation process took a very good and honest look for a solution to the problem. Opting for mediation with Mr. Strongman was the right choice because it resolved our case.
  • Attorney for Client
    It has been my good fortune to receive stellar assistance from Kenneth P. Strongman in his role as a mediator. …. The gracious mediation skills and unflagging energy of Mr. Strongman, brought to bear with focus and finesse, have been provided to both sides in case after case after case, both my cases and others I have observed. Mr. Strongman always maintains the highest standards of professionalism, no matter how trying the litigants (or their counsel!) may be. Perhaps more importantly, he has almost always helped the parties find common ground and created the opportunity for settlement, even if at the beginning it appeared that the two sides were far apart. Mr. Strongman is a committed mediator and is both gracious and tenacious, talking to both sides and refusing to give up. What has been so useful to me, and helpful to my clients, is the fact that Kenneth P. Strongman brings to these negotiations a very helpful balance of gravitas, good humor, humility, and intelligence. It is a pleasure to work with him.


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Ken_Strongman_003smKen Strongman, a private commercial mediator/arbitrator of complex, high risk litigated cases since 2004. Disputes addressed include business, securities, construction defects, real estate, intellectual property, employment, environment, energy, and trusts & estates.

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