How to stay on the cutting edge of mediation

cuttting edge
Cutting edge of mediation

How to stay on the cutting edge of mediation

The cutting edge of mediation. Recently, I wrote an article for our local Bar Association Journal on why someone would want to join the ADR section of the Bar.  As the new Chair of the ADR section, was also needed to describe how membership has benefited my practice.  It was an easy assignment.

Some would want you to join the ADR Section so that you can give back to the legal community. I didn’t join for that reason.  I became involved so that I could be on the cutting edge of the way we resolve disputes in our society.  That includes the way we litigate in California.  I did it so that my corporate clients would always benefit by the earliest thoughts and processes available. Also, that my mediation practice would correspondingly expand and be the best it could be.

On my own, I would have had zero influence on the profession.   As part of the ADR section, we collectively help direct the future of Alternative Dispute Resolution processes in Contra Costa and the State of California.  This has allowed my practice to be in the forefront of ADR.  Rarely will my general counsel clients be criticized for selecting me as a mediator.  They are able to confidently tell their parties that they tried everything to avoid litigating and incurring additional legal fees and their company bosses can then assure their directors and shareholders that they have retained the best.

Besides being on the forefront of ADR, we are able to advise Courts and members of the Bar as to the best practices ADR has to offer.  Currently, we are actively helping the Courts develop rules, policies and procedures to avoid having justice grind to a halt in our current Court budget crisis. As leader of the ADR section, I see the new processes way before presentation to the general public and legal community.  We are making suggestions that would influence the result.  I am also able to modify my practice to prepare for the coming changes in rules, policies and procedures.

The ADR Section

Within the ADR section by virtue of being around other mediators, we mentor each other on a continuous basis.  At every one of our programs I learn something new that will benefit my mediation practice in concrete ways.  It doesn’t have to be the formal presentations to be useful.  It is often the informal conversations with other members that are the most helpful to my practice.

Every one of our events benefit the ADR practitioner.  Last year we held a round table on mediation practice marketing.  I came away with several ideas to help market my practice through social media.  At the same presentation, I learned what not to do so that I could spend little time and money marketing and more time devoted to mediating complex disputes.

Ken StrongmanAbout the Author: Ken Strongman ( has years of experience and a growing national reputation as a mediator and arbitrator.  He has successfully resolved more than a thousand disputes in the fields of construction defects, real estate, intellectual property, and employment.  He is also a Mediator and Arbitrator for FINRA.

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5 responses to “How to stay on the cutting edge of mediation”

  1. Jim W Hildreth Avatar

    Good job Ken, could not agree with you more, would love to attend one of your meetings in 2013. I’m a member of ADR & RE Sections in Alameda County and Vice Chair of our RE Section.

    1. Ken Strongman Avatar

      Our first major scheduled event will be in March.

  2. Glenda Leatherman Avatar

    This sounds like an excellent approach to advancing the ADR cause. How will we be notified of your upcoming events? Ahem, I’m in Alameda County.

    1. Ken Strongman Avatar

      They will be posted on the Contra Costa Bar Association’s website. I will also be announcing them on my linkedin page and here as well.

  3. Mark A Galvan Avatar
    Mark A Galvan

    Ken, Great approach, would like to attend up coming events. I am Mediator in Stanislaus County Superior Court. Also I am on panels in Merced and Tuolumne county.