FAQ: What is the Comprehensive Mediation Agreement?

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Comprehensive Agreement

FAQ: What is the Comprehensive Mediation  Agreement?

In order to ensure all parties understand the status and implications involved, a comprehensive Mediation Agreement dealing with issues such as confidentiality, admissibility and privilege in relation to documentation and information exchanged must be agreed in advance. The Mediation Agreement will also deal with the costs of the mediation including the mediator’s fees and will establish how these costs are to be shared between the parties. An appropriately qualified mediator will usually provide a draft Meditation Agreement and it can be amended to suit the parties wishes before being signed by each of the parties and the mediator.

This is standard practice for all of my mediations.  My mediation agreement includes the time and location of the mediation; any known apparent conflicts; the rules of confidentiality; due dates for briefing the dispute and payment of fees.  Generally, the fee is split between the parties but this can be modified by the parties.

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