Examples of FINRA Arbitration motions

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FINRA Arbitration Motions

Examples of FINRA Arbitration motions

Arbitration has often been compared to the traditional courts.  The major difference is that the parties are able to proceed in a much more deliberate matter.  Although arbitration is an informal process, a variety of matters may be subject to motion practice.  The following is a non-exhaustive list of common motions that can be filed in FINRA arbitration.  I will describe them more fully in subsequent postings.

  • Motion to Amend a Claim
  • Motion to Consolidate Claims
  • Motion to Sever Claims
  • Motion to Change the Hearing Location
  • Motion to Bar Defenses Due to Untimely or Incomplete Answers
  • Motion to Compel Discovery
  • Motion to Postpone a Hearing
  • Motion to Dismiss
  • Motion in Limine

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