How does FINRA’s Administrative Staff handle a case?

How does FINRA’s Administrative Staff handle a case

How does FINRA’s Administrative Staff handle a case?  FINRA’s procedure is to assign a case administrator to every case. Case administrators are responsible for managing individual cases.  They ensure that each aspect of the case is administered properly.  Other staff are available to answer procedural and case-specific questions on any case.  They can provide:

  • Dates and location of scheduled evidentiary hearings;
  • Contact information;
  • Deadlines;
  • The process for and status of scheduling, rescheduling and cancelling prehearing conferences; and
  • Clarification of correspondence received from FINRA.

FINRA also has staff to analyze and prepare claims for service; generate and send arbitrator lists to the parties and consolidate them when the parties return them; contact arbitrators to serve on cases; and schedule prehearing conferences and hearings.

Staff members are not advocates, nor do they conduct legal research or provide legal advice. Staff may only provide guidance on administrative procedures.  Only arbitrators may decide a case.

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