Lawyer’s use of Twitter without Being active on Twitter 24/7

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Legal Professional use of Twitter without Being active Twitter 24/7 – Tweet 24/7

People are active on Twitter at different times, and since the conversations are so ephemeral, the people you want to see your Tweets may not ever see them. You can demonstrate this by logging onto Twitter and then log on again in an hour. There will be brand new Tweets to bury the ones published earlier (provided you’re following enough users).

Some influential twitter’s can tweet up to 50 times per day on average, and tweets each tweet at least four times (once every eight hours) to reach a wider audience.
Growing your following is about being visible any time your followers and future followers are logged in and viewing their feed. This creates a two fold problem for those of us that do not want to be tweeting 24 hours a day seven days a week. The first is finding enough content to tweet. The second is learning how to tweet constantly. Your greatest challenge to growing your followers is to tweet around the clock.

So how can you be present non-stop without having to be logged into Twitter and tweeting non-stop?
• Tweet content you create;
• Tweet content created by others; and
• Tweet that content more than once.

To share content around the clock, you need to be able to do:
1. Automate publishing from a blog feed or from LinkedIn and Facebook;
2. Easily share content you find anywhere;
3. Schedule Tweets; and
4. Upload custom images.

There are a few software tools you can use to do all of these Simi automatically.
Hootsuite, and some other social tools allow you to automatically tweet the feed of your blog so you don’t have to tweet posts one-by-one. If you don’t have a blog, tweet feeds from 1-2 blogs your potential followers would find interesting.

The point is to save time and become more efficient by:
• Automating tweets for content you create (on your blog or other social media);
• Finding and sharing quality content as you discover it, in other words someone else’s content; and
• Scheduling multiple tweets.

**Why the picture of flowing water?  Twitter is a constant flow of information and communications. 


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