KPC – What is Sexting at the Elementary School & What to do about it

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What is Sexting at the Elementary School & What to do about it.

Parents, do you know how to translate WTTP IPN GYPO?

KPC was the title of Judge Cheryl Mills’ group’s presentation at last week’s Inns of Court. It was an informative discussion of the legal consequences of youth abusing social media and the internet, and bullying and abusing each other sexually. There are serious consequences. The group went into detail on the various laws and their impact on the youth and their parents.

Almost all youth are on social media. If you believe that yours is not, then they have been successful KPC – Keeping the Parents Clueless. Besides Facebook, they are on Yik Yak, Instagram, and many others the adults don’t know about. Many have multiple accounts on many different platforms. Often they will have one on Facebook with smiling cute faces for mom and dad and then other account that the parents are clueless about. Hence the title of the presentation KPC – Keep the Parents Clueless. Judge Mills’ group gave us a test of terms currently in use. You can take it below.

Best Practices

Later Melissa Strongman shared what her students in her ACSA’s Innovative Tech Academy have told her:
• Just saying no to technology doesn’t work. Students no matter what age will find a way to gain access;
• Schools and parents that simply ban access find that it back fires on them;
• Communities that appear to be great places to raise kids are not safe from sexting and internet bullying:
• Fourth graders often enjoy doing internet searches for word “boobies” on their smart devices;
• Actively teaching digital citizenship is the only way to combat the problem. It creates openness and interaction between students, parents, school administrator and teachers.

Match the following:

1. IWSN                                                                         A. I want sex now
2. SUGARPIC                                                               B. See you for sex
3. IPN                                                                            C. Acid (the drug)
4. GYPO                                                                        D. Marijuana
5. TDTM                                                                       E. Suggestive or erotic pictures
6. CID                                                                           F. Porn
7. 9                                                                                G. I’m posting naked
8. (L)MIRL                                                                  H. Get your pants off
9. 8                                                                                I. Get naked on camera
10. DOC                                                                        J. Party meeting place
11. LH6                                                                         K. Hung-over from alcohol
12. TWD                                                                       L. Kiss on lips
13. 420                                                                         M. Talk Dirty to Me
14. 99                                                                            N. Want to trade pictures?
15. CU46                                                                      O. Naked on front of computer
16. GNOC                                                                     P. Parent gone
17. PIR                                                                          Q. Parent over shoulder
18. NIFOC                                                                    R. Let’s meet in real life
19. 53X                                                                          S. Parents around/Code 9
20. 1174                                                                         T. Let’s have sex
21. CD9                                                                         U. Texting while driving
22. THOT                                                                      V. That hoe over there
23. POS                                                                         W. Sex
24. PRON                                                                      X. Parent in room
25. KOTL                                                                       Y. Oral sex
26. CD9                                                                          Z. Parent Watching
27. WTTP                                                                      AA. Drug of Choice
28. KPC                                                                         AB. Keeping Parents Clueless

1-A, 2-E, 3-G, 4-I, 5-N, 6-C, 7-AA, 8-S, 9-Z, 10-H, 11-U, 12-V, 13-D, 14-Q, 15-B, 16-J, 17-Y, 18-P, 19-X, 20-K, 21-L, 22-W, 23-R, 24-F, 25-M, 26-T, 27-O, 28-AB

Judge Mills Group Members: Jeremy Seymour, David Marchiano, Bonnie Johnson, Susan Aglietti, Joseph Ryan, Jonathan Wolff, Jill Lifter, David Pearson

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