Lawyer beware: twitter is transmitting more than 140 characters.

Transmitting 140 Plus

Twitter is only one aspect of Social Media that Legal Professionals need to master. My Project Social Media presents my thoughts regarding the impact of social media marketing on the practice of law. See my page to for more information.

What is Twitter transmitting in one tweet?

What is a tweet transmitting beyond the 140 characters? A tweet is filled with metadata – information about when it was sent, by whom, using what Twitter application. Here are a few examples of what is currently in the metadata:
• Tweets creation date
• Author’s user name, screen name and biography
• Author’s location – currently the author must turn this on
• Creation date of the account
• Number of followers and number of those they are following
• Time zone of author

This is not an exhaustive list. More metadata is coming as well. Third party developers can add their own. To do more current research on what a tweet contains, you can Google “Diagram of a Tweet.”

Once you see that a tweet is a lot more than 140 characters, you can easily see the security issues and potential eDiscovery options for the legal community. My general rule of thumb is that if you post something; assume that it can be discovered.

**Why the picture of flowing water?  Twitter is a constant flow of information and communications. 


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