Find Quality Content to Tweet for Legal Professionals


Twitter is only one aspect of Social Media that Legal Professionals need to master. My Project Social Media presents my thoughts regarding the impact of social media marketing on the practice of law. See my page to for more information.

Find Quality Content to Tweet for Legal Professionals

When it comes to Twitter, it matters less where the content you tweet came from and more that it’s plentiful, entertaining, educational, or otherwise valuable to your existing and future followers. This is where finding good content comes in. As a side note for all of us in the legal profession, there is no Pulitzer Prize for tweets. Other than being truthful, don’t worry too much about being perfect.

To be an efficient curator you don’t just need a social media tool that allows you to schedule content as you discover it (as we discussed in the previous section). You also need a few content wells – digital reservoirs you can regularly tap for fantastic, quality content to delight your existing and future followers.

Here are some places to regularly find tweet-worthy content.
• Set up Google alerts for topics related to your practice.
• is a news aggregator application for various Web browsers and mobile devices running iOS and Android, also available as a cloud-based service. It compiles news feeds from a variety of online sources for the user to customize and share with others.
• Quotes can be found at
• Look for interesting things on Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ and Pinterest.
• Check Google news
• Don’t forget twitter. You can always retweet someone else’s content.

**Why the picture of flowing water?  Twitter is a constant flow of information and communications. 


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