The 1st instance of quarantine in the US was for:

Instance of quarantine
Instance of quarantine

The first instance of quarantine in the United States was for:
A. Leprosy
B. Plague
C. Tuberculosis
D. Small Pox

Recently, my Inns of Court group gave a presentation on the law of Quarantine. Through vignettes set on a BART train, we explored how the ancient law of quarantine is applied to our modern society. We touched on the world history of quarantine, bringing it to our present day and community. The players were Judge Joyce Cram, Ret., Commissioner Don Green, Ret., Nancy Allard, Wally Hesseltine, Kristen Howe, Rodney Marraccini, Lisa Mendes, Jennifer Sommer and myself.

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The first instance of quarantine in the United States was for:
A. Leprosy
B. Plague
C. Tuberculosis
D. Small Pox

Here are some historical highlights of quarantine in the United States.
• 1738: New York City commandeers Bedloes’s Island as quarantine station due to concerns about smallpox and yellow fever.
• 1799: Philadelphia builds quarantine station/hospital in response to yellow fever outbreak that started in 1793.
• Epidemic killed 5,000 of city’s 45,000 residents
• Caused another 17,000 to flee
• 1863: New York state’s Quarantine Act calls for detention of any ship entering port, removal of all cargo, and cleaning and fumigating of ships
• 1878: Congress passes National Quarantine Act
• 1865: Hawaii established policy for quarantine and isolation of HD patients. Leper settlement established on Molokai
• 1873: Leprosy proved to be caused by bacterium
• 1894: Louisiana establish leprosarium, several other states including New York and California established isolation policies
• 1917: US passes law authorizing purchase of site for anyone diagnosed with leprosy
• 1921: US takes over Louisiana facility, establishes rules:
• Prohibited pts from leaving grounds
• Prohibited communication with members of opposite sex
• 1946: Leprosy patients given right to vote
• 1917-1919 Federal authorities incarcerated tens of thousands of prostitutes to curb venereal disease
• 1921: last of non-federal quarantines stations is transferred to U.S. government
• 1944: Public Health Service Act increases quarantine authority
• 1967: CDC takes over federal quarantine stations & functions
• 1970-2000: CDC reduces number of quarantine stations from 55 to 8, thinking infectious diseases “thing of the past.”
• 2004-2007: Number increased to 20 due to 9/11 terrorism, and 2003 SARS outbreak

Answer: Small Pox

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