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Ken Strongman, Mediator Mediator Kenneth Strongman is a proven leader performing mediations and teaching other attorneys the best practices of the profession; in addition, he has strong roots in the community in service organizations and board memberships.

Mr. Strongman is an attorney with over 17 years experience and a growing national reputation as an attorney, mediator, and mediation trainer, who successfully conducts mediations full time.

His major practice areas include business, securities, construction defects, real estate, insurance, technology/IT, intellectual property, employment, environment, energy, and trusts & estates. He is also a Judge Pro Tem.

His degrees in Urban & Regional Planning (U.C. Davis) and Business Administration & Information Systems (Golden Gate Univ.) provide a solid basis for accelerated resolution of legal issues in these subject matter areas.  He is also serves as a Mediator and Arbitrator for FINRA [Financial Industry Regulatory Authority].

Mr. Strongman practices as the Principal Mediator at the Mediation Office of Kenneth P. Strongman and is a former Board Member and Mentor at The Congress of Neutrals where he taught mediation skills to prospective mediators. In addition, he is an Adjunct Professor at the John F. Kennedy School of Law where he teaches mediation and legal ethics. Prior to forming his own mediation office, he was a litigator in Title Insurance Defense. Before attending law school, Mr. Strongman had a 15-year career in IT at the Chevron Corporation.

Examples of Successful Appellate Mediations Include:

Real Estate. Partners of an incomplete $40 million real estate development disagreed on who owned the development, who would go forward with it in a declining market, and who owed what to whom if they dissolved the partnership

Business. A national construction products manufacturer acquired a California manufacturer. A multimillion-dollar dispute arose with the acquired company claiming breach of contract, wrongful termination, breach of fiduciary duty, and accounting errors. Before mediation, the parties had participated in two private mediations, four settlement conferences, and received a jury verdict for the acquiring company after a five-week trial.

Examples of Successful Pre-Trial & Pre-Filing Mediations include:

Technology and Intellectual Property. A $6 million dispute arose after the acquisition of a high tech company. The contract “recipe” for an adhesive was different from the “real recipe” that existed only in someone’s mind. Products manufactured using the contract recipe experienced high rates of failure.

Insurance Coverage. A dispute arose over who would pay for damage to a large apartment complex when a railway train caused a grass fire that spread to the complex. The apartment complex sued the railroad company, as well as the insurance and repair companies.

Construction Defects. An HOA had a contractor install new curbs and gutters in the development. The original contract was between the old HOA Board, and the contractor performed work under the new HOA Board. The new Board said the work was not to their specs even though it met municipal code standards.

Ken_Strongman_003smKen Strongman ( has years of experience and a growing national reputation as a mediator and arbitrator.  He has successfully resolved more than a thousand disputes in the fields of construction defects, real estate, intellectual property, and employment.  He is also a Mediator and Arbitrator for FINRA.

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